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Dreamers (n.)


A person who creates the vision of a better future and lets those dreams carry them to a brighter tomorrow.

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Future Stars, Meet DreamOway

DreamOway is a social media app to get connected, supported, and discovered to help your dreams come true.






Fashion designers design the looks that define our ideas, attitudes, and aspirations. Our judges look for creators and influencers who show clear ideas and voices through material garments.


Stories rely on storytellers, and performance artists bring imaginary worlds to life using themselves as vessels. We love examples of those who take us to new places and experience new conversations through their ability to tell an amazing narrative.


Food and drink are visual examples of what makes us happy. Culinary artists know how to combine diverse ingredients to create dishes that comfort, enlighten, and satisfy. dreamOway looks for culinary experts who take unique paths in creating satisfying dishes.


Music reflects all the emotions we feel during the human journey, and dreamOway looks for artists who take sound and make an irresistible urge to feel something unique.


Stories rely on storytellers, and performance artists bring imaginary worlds to life using themselves as vessels. We love examples of those who take us to new places and experience new conversations through their ability to tell an amazing narrative.


When people look good, they feel good! Beauty artists know how to use colors, shades, and patterns to create amazing looks that change how a person views themselves. We look for people who can do just that.


Those who seek to change the world are the heroes we always need in society. We love seeing examples of people lifting others and improving the world around us.


Using a range of tools to combine colors and shapes. And depth, artists create visual beauty in material form. With a stroke of the brush, chip of the chisel, or swipe on a tablet, our dreamers bring awe-inspiring images to life.


Society’s problems depend on the next big solution, and entrepreneurs are the builders of these next big ideas. dreamOway’s top candidates can clearly illustrate how their product or service takes an issue that matters and presents a way to improve it.


Becoming a model takes discipline, effort, and perseverance. They bring movement and vision to the fashion ideas we love.

Dreaming is better


Categorize your dream and search, follow, and support other dreams like yours.

Get Discovered Post a video of your talent and dream. Tell us your goal, how you want to achieve your dream, and why it means so much to you. You are special. The world will be a better place because of you and your dreams.

Got Talent? The app makes it simple to share your talents, discover, and pursue your dreams without waiting in line for auditions or facing an army of social media critics.

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DreamOway is not a casting call agency. It is a social media app that shares your talent with the world and helps you get noticed and discovered (more like TIKTOK and YOUTUBE.) We help you build a community by getting support, advice, and cheer. There is a difference in casting call platform and definition. I can’t do unless I registered as a special permit in the talent agency. I can face in legal matter.
Even if we try to deny it, we’ve all fantasized about being famous. While it might pass for most people, others will do anything to get celebrity status. However, becoming one is a daunting challenge. You will inevitably have to stand in line for auditions, learn about casting calls at the last minute, or deal with a slew of online critics. Thankfully, there is now an easy way to work around these obstacles. With dreamOway, you can put your talents on display, get noticed, and go after your goals! Keep reading to learn more about this revolutionary app.

What Is DreamOway?

DreamOway app is like a casting call at your fingertips. Perhaps you’d like to be an actor, or you’ve always dreamed of being the next big thing in Hollywood. Maybe you’re hoping to land a big break in a major dancing competition. DreamOway can help you achieve your goals no matter what they are, as long as you have a vision for the future. Join competitions, casting calls, and auditions in a heartbeat with DreamOway’s straightforward process. Just download the app, sign up for an account, and post a three-minute video showcasing your skills. To gain support and recognition, share it with your friends and family. Next, check DreamOway’s weekly web show to see if you’ve been chosen as one of the participants! You can also actively support other people’s aspirations by using the DreamOway platform to choose a dream that you would like to encourage. You can even keep in touch with them at each stage of their journey.

DreamOway Is For Every Dreamer

You can pursue your dreams in a niche that you are passionate about with DreamOway. Here are a few of the goals they support:


Fashion designers create the looks that characterize our thoughts, feelings, and desires. The DreamOway judges look for innovators and influencers who use material garments to express their thoughts and perspectives.


Imaginary worlds can only come to life through the efforts of storytellers and performers. DreamOway is always on the lookout for individuals who can transport us to different realities and introduce us to fresh perspectives via the power of their storytelling.


Food and drink serve as tangible reminders of the things that bring us joy. Creative chefs know how to use a wide variety of ingredients to produce comforting and enlightening dishes. Culinary gurus that take a different approach to craft mouth-watering food are sought out by DreamOway.


DreamOway seeks musicians who take sound and create a compelling yearning to feel something special. Music expresses all the emotions we go through in life.


Dance is more than just a kind of entertainment; it’s a beautiful experience that liberates you. Through dance, you can feel connected to everything around you, whether it’s alive or not. You have a unique perspective on the world.


Sports are popular because the stories of struggle and victory they tell are compelling. DreamOway admires athletes that make the most of their physical prowess to push the boundaries of their sport and upend the norms.


People feel better when they look their best! A good beauty artist knows how to employ patterns and colors to affect the way a person thinks about themselves.[PCP1]  Those are the kinds of people DreamOway is looking for.

Social Good

Heroes are constantly needed in society, and those who want to make a difference in the world are the best candidates. DreamOway is always on the lookout for people who bring others up and strive to make the world a better place.


Artists create aesthetic beauty in tangible form by combining color, shapes, and depth with various techniques. Dreamers bring breathtaking visions to life with a brushstroke, a chisel chip, or a tablet swipe.


Entrepreneurs think of the next big ideas that will help solve society’s present challenges. Candidates for DreamOway should demonstrate how their product or service addresses a pressing problem while also offering a path to resolution.


Digital solutions are being applied to age-old issues by visionaries worldwide, using tools from the present and the future. DreamOway is here to help you in sharing your story with the world.


To succeed as a model, one must exercise self-control, put up the work, and never give up. They give life and movement to the fashion concepts we adore.

Features of the DreamOway App

DreamOway has unique features that can help you in every step of your journey towards achieving your dreams. The app lets you do the following:

Post Your Dream

  • Create a dream with a medium that is most meaningful to you
  • Discover campaigns for technology, inventions, art, music, photography, and fashion, among other topics
  • For support, look for resources related to your dream
  • Support and motivate others in realizing their dreams

Share Your Dream

  • Create a video of your dream and share it with the world
  • Describe your dream in detail.

Chat with Dreamers

  • Connect with other supporters and campaigns
  • Engage with the users you’re supporting on social media
  • Directly communicate with your supporters and provide updates on your progress

Create Social Profiles

  • Participate in the community
  • Follow other people in the community
  • Keep up with the latest developments

Make Your Dreams Come True with DreamOway

Remember that the purpose of casting calls is to find new talent and artists, like you, want to be recognized as well. DreamOway is a platform that helps people in realizing their dreams. DreamOway acts as a virtual backstage pass and casting call, granting users access to previously off-limits or VIP-only areas of the show. As a bonus, choosing DreamOway instead of doing it alone gives you direct access to your dream industry and a more extensive network of people who can offer support and guidance along the way. DreamOway was created for everyone inspired by a burning desire, a glimmer of optimism, or the possibility of being the next big thing. [Download the DreamOway app today]

Want to show the world what you’ve got? Whether you’re an aspiring singer or Hollywood star, this is your chance to get discovered without having to wait in line for auditions or casting calls.

With the DreamOway app, we bring talent auditions to you no matter where you are in the world. We provide an avenue for all dreamers to showcase their talents and get recognized.

Our social media app is a community for both dreamers and visionary supporters. Not only does it allow you to share your auditions online; DreamOway also connects you with casting networks, talent contests, dream-backers, and more.

Take the first step to pursuing your dreams and post your talent auditions on DreamOway. Get started today!

[Download DreamOway App]

Let Your Talent Shine With the DreamOway App

Perhaps you’re into modeling and you know you’ve got what it takes to conquer the runway. Maybe you’re just waiting for your big break as a hip-hop dancer. Whatever it is, the DreamOway app is for everyone who dares to dream.

Showcasing your talents has never been so easy! You can enter our database of auditions, casting calls, and competitions in a few simple steps.

DreamOway can help you reach your potential and put you on the right track towards success. Here’s how you can pursue your dreams using the app:

Post Your Talent Auditions and Get Discovered

  • After you’ve downloaded the DreamOway app, you can create a dream in a medium that matters to you.
  • Showcase your story, talent, or dreams on your profile.
  • Share your dream with family and friends to build support and recognition.
  • Find campaigns for music, art, fashion, technology, photography, inventions, and more.
  • Upload a 3-minute video highlighting your talent and connect with Dream Mentors to help you get discovered.
  • See if you’ve been selected as a participant by tuning into our weekly web show.
  • Categorize your dream to search and follow other dreamers like you through the DreamOWay platform.

Get Featured On DreamOwayTV

  • Our Dream-Maker panel will choose between three to five talent auditions to compete in additional follow-up videos. The winner will be announced, and their video will appear on DreamOwayTV.
  • Our monthly finalists will also compete head-to-head for a chance to star in their own TV show hosted by DreamOwayTV.
  • Winners will receive valuable guidance from our network of industry mentors and a variety of other additional perks to help them with their dreams.

Connect With Other Dreamers

  • Network with fellow backers and find a dream you want to support.
  • Stay in the loop by following other community members.
  • Go social and chat with your favorite dreamers.
  • Support and encourage others to bring their dreams to fruition. You can also actively back their dreams the way they can back yours.
  • Stay in touch with your backers directly and share progress updates.

Dare to Dream

With DreamOway, you can directly tap into your dream industry without relying solely on social media connections. The app serves as your instant backstage pass to access opportunities that were previously beyond your reach.

It also allows you to attain a wider community of support and encouragement from like-minded individuals. DreamOway is designed for everyone moved by their passion, hope, and creativity.


Music is a reflection of an individual’s thoughts, emotions, and experiences. DreamOway looks for artists or musicians who can convey those things through their unique sound or lyricism.


From films to theater stages, actors and performance artists can bring imaginary worlds to life. We love discovering gifted storytellers who can effectively portray a role, taking their audience to new places and providing unique experiences.


Like music and acting, dancing is one of the most powerful storytelling mediums. DreamOway is always on the lookout for passionate dancers who can inspire others by evoking emotions with their body movements.


Fashion incorporates our personality, attitudes, ideas, and aspirations. Our dream-makers look for aspiring designers and influencers who possess creativity, innovation, and artistic ability. These qualities are essential in creating impressive clothing pieces.


Modeling brings movement and vision to various fashion ideas and trends. Just like other forms of performance art, it requires poise and precision. It also takes effort, discipline, and perseverance to become a model.


Food and drinks are essential for our nourishment. DreamOway looks for expert culinary artists who can create unique dishes from diverse ingredients to comfort and satisfy people’s palates.


Our dream-makers are looking for beauty artists with the ability to change a person’s look and how they view themselves. Talented artists know how to create alluring looks by combining colors, shades, and patterns.

Visual Arts

This is the kind of art form that meets the eye. Artists can bring awe-inspiring images to life using a range of tools. Whether it’s a painting, sculpture, or photograph, these dreamers are born to create visual beauty.


Every victory achieved by an athlete makes the struggles and hardships worth it. We love to discover stories about people who used their capabilities to their advantage and took their sports to the next level.

Social Good

People with initiative and the intention to do good are the kind of heroes we need in society. DreamOway encourages these individuals to keep uplifting others and making the world better.


DreamOway looks for innovators and builders who can provide efficient ideas and solutions to different issues.

Start Achieving Your Dreams Today

Start your journey by posting your talent auditions to DreamOway today! Get in touch with us for more information.

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Dreaming Is Better


A person who creates the vision of a better future and lets those dreams carry them to a brighter tomorrow.

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