It's Your Dream.

Make it Come True!

Do you hear it? That note. It’s perfect. It drives you to your instrument. To your microphone. To the studio.

You start saving. Start performing. Start recording. Putting yourself out there to the world! Your song is special. It has the power to entertain. To inspire. To change everything. To change everyone. But you have to tell everyone!

You have a dream. Don’t let it go. Every Musician Has a Story.

Tell Yours. dreamOway is your answer.

What is dreamOway?

dreamOway is more than other standard crowdfunding websites – we’re about social crowdfunding. We believe fundraising is a personal journey – focused on helping turn dreams into reality and eliminating the “what if” regrets in life. When you open yourself to others and focus on sharing your goals, donations and support will follow!


If you lack connections or funding, should that prevent you from achieving your dream? dreamOway says no! Never settle for less than what you want! Others will catch your vision if you share it!

Why Use Crowdfunding to Fund My Music Career?

While crowdfunding via digital platforms has gained popularity for paying medical bills and fundraising for nonprofits, more and more people are turning to it for more personal ventures.


Just look at the data showing crowdfunding’s explosion in popularity from 2014 to 2019:

682.6 crowdfunding campaigns have been launched.

32.5 billion individual donations have been made.

$10.7 billion dollars have been pledged in donations! 



Crowdfunding has emerged as a worldwide phenomenon! While dozens of platforms are available to join, only one focuses on inspiring, promoting and nurturing users’ goals so dreams become a reality – and that’s dreamOway!

Benefits of dreamOway


dreamOway provides all the tools needed to act now on your dreams of a professional music career. With a simple sign-up process, easy campaign creation tools, and secure donation processing via Stripe, you can spend less time building and more time collecting. Here are just some of the major benefits you enjoy when choosing dreamOway to fund your dream:


A Platform Designed for You

Our platform is designed to inspire, promote and nurture our users’ goals to turn dreams into reality. Simply create a video and show your song to the world. Using our sharing tools, promote your cause and raise funds to make your dream a reality. Posting regular updates is a breeze, so keeping your every-growing community of fans and donors informed and motivated is easy!

Our Community – Always There for Eachother

dreamOway is a community of authentic, friendly and supportive visionaries committed to supporting one another’s hopes and aspirations.

You’ll find like-minded musicians who enjoy leaving a kind comment, a small donation, or a lengthy chat about today’s challenges and tomorrow’s hopes. We’re not about competition with one another – we’re about collaboration.

These are just a few of the many reasons dreamOway is the right choice to launch your next crowdfunding campaign to finance your dream of a career in music.

Careers in Music to Consider

Not everyone wants to be a rock star or a pop diva, and that’s okay! You shouldn’t give up your dream of having a successful career in music. There are other exciting and fulfilling careers in music that are worth exploring! No matter what you choose, focus on maximizing your talent, developing your skills, and of course, connecting with people who will raise you up!


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How Do Musicians Make Money in Today’s Economy?

There’s no better time than now to make money and thrive professionally as a musician. This is largely in thanks to the Internet where, with just a few clicks, you can put out a song and connect with a global audience.

Just a few decades ago musicians had to play on street corners and cafes, hoping a record label would take notice. Today the smart, talented, and dedicated musician knows a diversified approach is the best way to attract fans and record labels alike. Those who treat their music as a business will reap rewards like a business!

The question is, are you smart, talented, and dedicated? If you are, and you’re ready to dedicate time and effort to transitioning music from a hobby to a career, then you too can thrive in today’s economy.


Take a look at how today’s musicians are using modern (and not so modern) methods to find financial success in our blog post:


How Can I Increase My Income Quickly As a Musician?

If you’re looking to pursue music as a profession, then understanding how to budget and diversify income streams is essential. This is true whether you go part-time or full-time, successful musicians treat their careers as a business.

One excellent income building option is to utilize fundraising via crowdfunding with dreamOway. Why fundraising? Because without it, you may be limiting yourself and your income growth!

Say you or you and your band have four songs written but no money to record, mix, and master the tracks. Or maybe you already have that first album professionally compiled, but now lack the funds for any promotion efforts? Where do you go next?

One option is to work with a record label and have them underwrite, but as you undoubtedly already know, that option can leave you hostage to the record label’s demands. So instead you can do what many have done before – you fundraise independently!


In addition to crowdfunding with dreamOway, check out some other ways to maximize your revenue:


Launch Your Career Today with dreamOway!

The amazing part of crowdfunding is every dream matters – no matter how big or small! It costs nothing to get started and you can reach beyond friends and family to a worldwide community for support – both financial and motivational.


Crowdfunding is effective. Never settle for less than what you want! So stop dreaming and start shining!