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Make it Come True!

Your college years are a special time in life. You’ve had your first taste of true independence. You’re finally studying for the career you’ve always wanted. You’re away from home, enjoying your first taste of independence. The world is at your fingertips, awaiting your influence – your impact. You’ll never get this time back!

Behind you is childhood, in front of you is adulthood. For this brief window in time, you and you alone have the power to shape your future. So what will you do? What dreams do you want to chase? Now is the time!

Maybe you need your first camera to film the next cinematic masterpiece. Or maybe another country calls, promising an adventure you’ll never forget. Perhaps you need a few more course materials to ace that college class – the one critical to success in your future dream job. Whatever your hopes are, don’t let a lack of resources stop you!


Every person has a story to write. Make your’s special. dreamOway is here to help!

What is dreamOway?

dreamOway is more than other standard crowdfunding websites – we’re about social crowdfunding. We believe fundraising is a personal journey – focused on helping turn dreams into reality and eliminating the “what if” regrets in life. When you open yourself to others and focus on sharing your goals, donations and support will follow!


If you lack connections or funding, should that prevent you from achieving your dream? dreamOway says no! Never settle for less than what you want! Others will catch your vision if you share it!

Why Should College Students Use Social Crowdfunding from dreamOway?

While crowdfunding via digital platforms has gained popularity for paying medical bills and fundraising for nonprofits, more and more people are turning to it for more personal ventures. This can be a very smart move for you to make as a college student!


Just look at the data showing crowdfunding’s explosion in popularity from 2014 to 2019:

682.6 crowdfunding campaigns have been launched.

32.5 billion individual donations have been made.

$10.7 billion dollars have been pledged in donations! 



Crowdfunding has emerged as a worldwide phenomenon! While dozens of platforms are available to join, only one focuses on inspiring, promoting and nurturing users’ goals so dreams become a reality – and that’s dreamOway!

Benefits of dreamOway


dreamOway provides all the tools needed to act on your dreams during this special time in life. With a simple sign-up process, easy campaign creation tools, and secure donation processing via Stripe, you can spend less time building and more time collecting. Here are just some of the major benefits you enjoy when choosing dreamOway to fund your dream:


A Platform Designed for You

Our platform is designed to inspire, promote and nurture our users’ goals to turn dreams into reality. Simply create a video and show your goal to the world. Using our sharing tools, promote your cause across the web and raise funds. Posting regular updates is a breeze, so keeping your every-growing community of fans and donors informed and motivated is easy!

Our Community – Always There for Each Other

dreamOway is a community of authentic, friendly and supportive visionaries committed to supporting one another’s hopes and aspirations.

You’ll find other like-minded college-age people who enjoy leaving a kind comment, a small donation, or a lengthy chat about today’s challenges and tomorrow’s hopes. We’re not about competition with one another – we’re about collaboration.

These are just a few of the many reasons dreamOway is the right choice to launch your next crowdfunding campaign as a college student with goals!

dreamOway for College Students



Launch Your Campaign Today with dreamOway!

The amazing part of crowdfunding is every dream matters – no matter how big or small! It costs nothing to get started and you can reach beyond friends and family to a worldwide community for support – both financial and motivational.


Crowdfunding is effective. Never settle for less than what you want! So stop dreaming and start shining!