The dreamOwayTV Team

“The Dream Team” is working on the TV Pilot and always on the lookout for your dream!


Justine Sinclair

dreamOway Founder/CEO
Executive Producer

Hailey sinclair

dreamOway Live
Inspiration Advocate

Rick finn

dreamOway Entertainment
dreamOway Productions

Dilara Tuncer

Director of PR, TMG

Justin Baronoff

Manager of PR & Social Media, TMG

Kaylin Ferreira

Publicity Assistant, TMG

Julie Harris

Publicity Assistant, TMG

Federica Pezzana

Publicity Assistant, TMG


Publicity Assistant, TMG


President, TransMedia Group

Justin Romano

CEO & Creative, BUILTbyBackspace

Matt Harris

CTO, BUILTbyBackspace

Dane Regnier

Full Stack iOS developer, BUILTbyBackspace

Bobby Gill

CEO, Blue Label Labs, LLC

Jordan Gurrieri

COO, Blue Label Labs, LLC

Zack Drew

Client Solutions, Blue Label Labs, LLC

Danny Deserto

Creative Director, Blue Label Labs, LLC

Darell Toney

Program Manager, Blue Label Labs, LLC

Rogelio Rodriguez

CEO, Rizen

Will Avila

COO, Rizen

Nichole Mena

Digital Media Director, Rizen

Jeff Lambert

Content Team Lead, Rizen

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Our competitions come designed for today's creator. Simply create a video and show the rest of the world what you're already achieving!

Keep creative control. Our winners will receive guidance and support for building their own web show. What you produce remains up to you!

Build an audience on an established platform. dreamOwayTV will distribute winners that could wind up on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Play! They build you a unique App, drive traffic, and run ads to help your new channel grow!

Didn't get selected as one of the finalists? That's okay! You can re-submit your entry daily. There are no restrictions!

Chase Your Star Today!

Whether you’re young, old, or anywhere in between, stop chasing talent agencies and one in a million talent competitions. There’s a better way to show off your talent. dreamOway App can help make your dreams a reality!


Sponsorships, Advertising, and Investor Opportunities!

dreamOway’s web shows and app platforms are an excellent opportunity to feature your brand to a broad, creative-minded audience.