Posting Guidelines

dreamOway is a community of authentic, friendly and supportive visionaries committed to supporting one another’s hopes and aspirations. Our platform is designed to inspire, promote and nurture our users’ goals so they make their dreams become a reality.

We’re excited that you’ll be joining us! Today’s dreamer believes if you truly embrace your passion and are prepared to work hard, anything is possible!

dreamOway provides all the tools needed to act now. So, whether you’re young, old, or anywhere in between, if you want to make a difference today, dreamOway is here to help make your dreams a reality!


When posting your dream, remember the following guidelines:

Your dream should be original and unique to your story - always from the heart.

Make sure your dream shares a specific goal - one the rest of the community can clearly understand and support! Some examples of successful dreams from past community members include:

  • A dream wedding.
  • A post-graduation trip to Europe.
  • A 50th birthday party for a loved one.
  • A purchase to help a military veteran in need, such as a medical expense, a car purchase, or a home renovation.
  • Seed money to start a charitable foundation.

When creating a video, keep in mind the following:

  • Your video length can be a minimum of 20 seconds and a maximum of 3 minutes.
  • Your dream should be spoken in English, as the majority of our community is based in the United States, with English as their first language. We will develop other languages in phases.
  • Feature your face clearly, using quality lighting. People are more likely to support you if they can see you!
  • Use photos and additional content to further illustrate your vision (if possible).
  • Speak loudly and clearly to ensure people can hear your appeal (use an external microphone when possible).
  • Need more tips? Check out our video on how to create the perfect appeal video on dreamOway.

In order to receive donations, you need to completely set up your profile. Make sure to take this step when first creating your account. You can access your profile settings any time by touching your profile picture and selecting the “Account” option.

Your user account is set to public by default. So videos become public once published on our platform. Make sure you only share details you’re comfortable with others seeing. If you’d like to set your account to private and invite supporters to find you by invitation only, simply go to your account settings in the app.

dreamOway’s community is built on encouragement and support. Please don’t discourage others with negative or foul language.

Most importantly - enjoy your dream with dreamOway and share with others! Remember, our team is always here to help and you can contact us any time at

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