Frequently Asked Questions

Where is dreamOway available to download?

dreamOway is available for download on both the iOS and Google Play app stores. Currently. You need to live in either the United States or Canada to access the platform.

What are some examples of campaigns people post on dreamOway?

Our main communities are built around creatives, special events, education, and nonprofits. We are growing every day though, and more and more people are creating amazing dreams that span a wide array of categories.

The only limit to how you can use dreamOway is from your own imagination! 

Is dreamOway safe? How do you process donations and secure my funds?

dreamOway partners with Stripe for fast, secure donations and account protection. We’ve chosen them due to their highly scalable infrastructure built from the ground up for redundancy, security, and velocity.

You can rest easy knowing your donations are safe, and donors can make transactions with total confidence.

How soon can I receive my funds once I get a donation?

When you get the donation, Stripe will send the funds directly to your bank. It takes 7 to 10 days for the first payout. After it will take 2 to 3 days to receive your funds.

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