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Billboard Award-Winning Producer

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Billboard Award-Winning Producer

Q.I.L. is an electronic music songwriter, producer, performer, and D.J. He’s known for writing and performing conceptual electronic dance music with ear candy hooks, thoughtful lyrics, and infectious beats.

Q.I.L.’s track ‘United in Dance’ ranked #2 on the BILLBOARD Dance Music Charts and has over half a million streams on Spotify. Q.I.L. wrote ‘United in Dance’ with Crystal Waters and R-Naldo.

Q.I.L. has co-written tracks with internationally renowned diva Crystal Waters, Jerry Wonda (Fugees), Grammy Award winner Andre Fossari, DJ/Producer Chris Malinchak DJ/Producer Daneon (M.A.X. – ‘Lights Down Low), and with two time Grammy award winner Eddie Perez among others.

Q.I.L. has an eclectic array of influences from House Music to Indie Rock, Moombahton to Mozart, Hip Hop to K-Pop that inform his musical palette and infuses it with an international vibe.

Aesthetically and philosophically, Q.I.L. is fascinated with the melding of ‘analog’ human culture and the emerging digital culture.’ From

anthropomorphic robot love to interstellar travel, Q.I.L.’s songs reflect what is real and virtual in the rampant A.I. age and how these futuristic elements affect our humanity and ‘Touch our Soul’ ( or not ).

Q.I.L. has performed at events across the U.S.A. with artists as diverse as DJ Dougie Fresh and Marilyn Manson.

Q.I.L. has tracks on ‘Total Divas’ ( E! Network – Feb 2016 ) and on the soundtrack of the upcoming new film ‘Lamar Odom: Reborn’ by Zappy

Zapolin, Director of ‘The Reality of Truth’ with Michelle Rodriguez.

Q.I.L.’s tracks are available on Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play, Reverb Nation, and iTunes ( Under ‘Hi F.I. Gemini’).

Q.I.L. resides in Delray Beach, Florida, and spends his time between Miami, LA, and New York City.

Instagram: QilMusic